Naomi Makemie Presbyterian Church                              Onancock, Virginia
We are a Church with
   Open Minds
      Open Hearts
          Open Doors​​​​​
Ministries ~~~
Presbyterian Women
All women of our Naomi Makemie church are invited to join Presbyterian Women (PW) for study and fellowship.

We have monthly meetings with Bible study on the 1st Monday of each month (September to June) at 11:30 a.m. in the Makemie Room. Bible study is followed by a "bring your own" lunch with dessert and beverage provided. In November and May, we recognize our Presbyterian women world wide in celebrating the Thank Offering and Birthday Offering.

Our Bible study follows a yearly "course" i.e., the "Horizons" suggested study, or books by various authors (this year we are studying "Girlfriends - Exploring Women's Relationships in the Bible" by Barbara J. Essex) or a selection recommended by our women.

Nina Frost Close has led us in "Morning Gatherings" with
a retreat  format during several previous years.
The church men provided
the coffee!

Our women participate in all activities of the church as they are able.  This includes, for example, serving on Session, ushering and reading scripture for worship service, hosting coffee hour, knitting prayer shawls, and outreach visitation.

Our women also support community activities.  As an example, our Eastern Shore hospital has begun providing caps for new born babies
as they go home.  The women in our church
participate in the effort by knitting and crocheting
baby caps.  We have delivered over 600 handmade
caps for the hospital to use,  and the number is
growing.  They are softly colored and much
appreciated by the mothers.
Read baby cap instructions