Naomi Makemie Presbyterian Church                              Onancock, Virginia
We are a Church with
   Open Minds
      Open Hearts
          Open Doors​​​​​
 Activities ~~~
Body and Soul 
Body and Soul is a yoga class similar to other exercise classes but it goes beyond physical exercise.  It offers participants a gentle, reflective yoga that not only stretches bodies but also strengthens souls.  The yoga hour is serene, conducted in a softly-lit room, with a background of quiet, contemplative music.

The leader of the class frequently suggests performing an exercise with eyes closed, because as she says…when you close your eyes and go inside, you discover something holy.  The leader emphasizes breathing deeply as a central aspect of yoga.  She balances the deep with a lighter side, using “hilarious yoga” which involves rocking back and forth and laughing vigorously.  The belief is that laughter is therapeutic and we should not take ourselves too seriously!

Body and Soul is held every Friday morning at the church.  It is open to everyone; church members as well as other individuals from the community join in the exercising. Participants describe themselves after the yoga hour as refreshed and relieved of tension.