Naomi Makemie Presbyterian Church                              Onancock, Virginia
We are a Church with
   Open Minds
      Open Hearts
          Open Doors​​​​​
 Activities ~~~
Contemplative Movement 
"Contemplative Movement," Naomi Makemie Presbyterian Church's exercise class, is conducted in a softly-lit room, with a background of quiet, contemplative music.  It offers gentle, reflective stretching, taken from the disciplines of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qiqong Shibashi, and the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Manual.  It is open to all of Virginia's Eastern Shore citizens, and provides an ecumenical setting for persons of all denominations.

Important aspects of the program include achieving a sense of inner balance and equilibrium, along with the feeling of being "rooted" and thus grounded.  Deep breathing is emphasized, which is integrated with exercise movements.  Rhythmic movement, plus deep breathing and mindfulness, bring stillness to the mind and peace to the soul.  This eclectic, freestyle system promotes body wellness and toning, fostering well-being in young and older participants.

Our instructor comes with an extensive background of U.S. Army calisthenics, Yoga, Arthritis Foundation endorsed exercises, and applications of Tai Chi and Qiqong Shibashi.  We invite you to join  us in NMPC's Makemie Room.​​